Assistance with Chemotherapy: Talent Wurayai’s Story

Talent Wurayai is a 17-year-old A student who wants to become a lawyer when she finishes school. She lives in Burma valley. Talent was struck by a cable causing injury to her leg.  Doctors at the hospital Talent was taken to found nothing untoward.  Many months later an X-ray was done, and they found that she had a cracked bone and a tumor had developed on her knee.   Dr Makiwa, a Specialist Orthopedic surgeon, referred her to Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare.  A biopsy was done, and it indicated that the growth was cancerous. Talent was brought to the attention of Miracle Missions who helped get Talent an MRI and arranged for her to see an Oncologist called Dr Mutisvira.  These scans showed that the cancer had not spread.   Dr Makiwa arranged for Talent to have an amputation of her leg as the tumor was so large and causing immense pain.

Talent has just finished her sixth and final chemotherapy session and is hoping to return to school very soon. We would like to thank Dr Innocent Zimbwa from CBD hospital who arranged for Talent’s recuperation at CBD hospital for free. Dr Mutisvira, the oncologist who has supervised Talents chemo session and checkups pro bono. Pharmaceutical and Chemical Distributors who donated all six session of chemotherapy drugs for free. Meikles foundation for a donation towards costs for her hospital stays during chemo.  We cannot thank all those involved enough for making it possible for Talent to have got the medical attention she needed. Talent will need a full CT scan in six weeks to ascertain that she is cancer free and any donations towards this will be appreciated.

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